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Welcome to Blazegraph Database!

Graphs in a Blazegraph instance are segregated by namespace. To get started, navigate to the "Namespaces" tab to create a new namespace [click here].

Through the workbench you can:

  • Load data or issue SPARQL Updates through the "Update" tab.
  • Issue SPARQL queries through the "Query" tab.
  • Explore your data navigationally through the "Explore" tab.
  • Create or modify namespaces within your database through the "Namespaces" tab.
  • View the status of running queries through the "Status" tab (advanced).
  • Check performance of your Blazegraph instance through the "Performance" tab (advanced).
  • For more information on getting started with Blaze, please visit our Wiki or our Website.
    For instructions on getting started writing Blaze clients, see Code Samples or User's Guide.

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    Advanced features

    Advanced features

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      Create namespace

      There are a number of features to enable. There's full documentation here. You must select "Use" after you have created the KB.

      A quick reference is below:

      1. o PropertyGraph: Select triples.

      2. o RDF + SPARQL with named graphs: Select quads mode.

      3. o Support for Reification Done Right (RDR). Select rdr mode.

      (Inference disabled - inference is not compatible with quads or isolatable indices.)